Dear Parents, Guardians and Visitors,

Greetings from la Isla Bonita Elementary School! La Isla Bonita Elementary School is a private institution that focuses primarily on providing quality education to your children. Therefore, the sound character of the school through disciplinary measures is focused on encouraging a student’s growth in four important areas: competence, conscience, compassion and commitment.

La Isla Bonita Elementary School’s well-balanced curriculum challenges the students to sharpen their academic abilities and nurture their growth and aspirations as “bright future achievers”. The choice of primary school is a very important decision; it reflects the values the child holds; it will influence the child’s belief and actions for a long time.

Therefore, the implementation of the disciplinary measures and regulations are the first and foremost step to become better acquainted with the school. Hopefully, as parents and guardians, you will all consider carefully our standards and we welcome you to enroll your children at La Isla Bonita Elementary School.


Mrs. Addy Martinez